Act for 15 & Fairness on October 15!

Calling all workers!

The fight for the $15 minimum wage in Ontario is still on! Although Doug Ford's government have announced that they will cut the $15 minimum wage, it is not over until legislation goes through! On October 15 there will be just 11 weeks until a $15 minimum wage.

Here in Guelph you can visit our tables in the University Centre and at City Hall to get informed about your rights, how they may be at risk, and how you can act to protect them.

Here are six ways you can show solidarity.

  1. Tweet at 3pm (15th hour) "[email protected] don't take our $15 minimum wage away! #15andfairness #15thhour #ONPoli".
  2. Sign the petition at the table.
  3. Sign up to be part of future organizing and/or actions.
  4. Take a "break" at 3pm and join in our banner drop (one in the UC, one downtown at the CN rail bridge near the Farmers Market).
  5. Wear your "15 and Fairness" t-shirt or button.
  6. Call or send a letter to your MPP calling for a $15 minimum wage.

There is a sample letter below. NOTE: it is geared towards NDP, Green, and Liberal MPPs (our MPP here in Guelph is Green) so if you're writing to a Conservative MPP you'll need to change the wording.


Dear _____________,

My name is _______________ and I am sending this letter to urge you to protect the commitments made by the government of Ontario to the workers of this province through Bill 148, the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017.

Bill 148 took necessary steps to create fairer jobs, make employment more secure, challenge systemic sexism in the workplace, provide care for workers and increase the minimum wage to support a decent quality of living. All of these changes help to create safer work environments and a more effective and resilient workforce, which benefits the economy and all Ontarians.

The creation of Bill 148 was the result of years of community organizing and political advocacy to improve the lives of workers in this province. Raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour is necessary to ensure people can afford to meet the rising cost of living in Ontario.

Multiple people are highly impacted by changes to the minimum wage, such as women, racialized communities, people with disabilities, the LGBTQ+ community as well as students/youth and single parents, as people in these groups often work part-time and low-wage jobs. Other provisions in Bill 148 to provide equal pay for equal work, fair scheduling and paid sick days are also crucial to ensure that workers are protected from unfair practices in what is an increasingly precarious job market.

Coalitions like $15 and Fairness and the Ontario Federation of Labour, who champion many of these victories and advocated for this bill, are supported by thousands of workers and their families across this province. To allow this government to roll back commitments made under the previous leadership, would be to undermine the tireless work of those who fought so hard to improve working conditions in this province.

I ask you to please consider the consequences of failing to protect the changes to Ontario's employment and labour laws for individuals and families in your riding. Our government has a role to play in defending workers from unfair practices.

Please act to resist the Ford Conservatives’ decision to roll back Bill 148 and show your support for workers in this province.

Thank you for your help and consideration.

In solidarity,

[Insert Name]
[Insert City]

October 15, 2018 at 9am - 4pm
University Centre AND City Hall Show Map
Guelph, ON
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