Lobby Training Webinar - September 6 at 11am

Hands Off Our Rights Webinar training on lobbying and Campaign Update!

Join the Ontario Federation of Labour in a webinar training to learn about urgent next steps to tell Doug Ford, hands off our $15 minimum wage and decent work laws.

During the week of September 11th, we are meeting with PC MPPs across Ontario, in their offices, to speak to our elected representatives about the importance of raising the minimum wage to $15/hr and keeping our hard fought decent work rights like equal pay for equal work, fair scheduling, contract flipping protections and easier access to joining a union.

We will be talking about next steps of the campaign too, including our province wide day of action on September 15 and how you can get involved in the fight to protect our rights.

RSVP here to join our webinar training (online and via conference call).

This webinar training will be on September 6th at 11:00am.

September 06, 2018 at 11am - 2pm
Melisa Bayon ·


Will you come?