Ottawa: October 15th Day of Action

Bring signs, noisemakers, and join us in talking to passersby about why we need to defend Bill 148!

In the last couple of weeks, we have heard rumblings from the Conservative party - from Labour Minister Laurie Scott and Premier Doug Ford - that they want to scrap the $15 minimum wage and roll back Bill 148. BUT THIS IS NOT A DONE DEAL! It will take more than comments in press conferences or question period to undo our decent work laws. What we do now matters. We need to show the government that the whole province is watching: will Ford side with corporate elites or with the majority?

We will be rallying outside Loblaws to call out CEO Galen Weston - who makes over $3,600/hour - and the rest of the Big Business lobby that continues to spin lies about the impact of our decent work laws in order to roll them back. We know the truth: decent wages and working conditions are good for workers and good for the economy. The majority of Ontarians and small businesses support decent work - the Conservative government should side with us. Let’s send a clear message to Doug Ford: Hands Off Workers’ Rights!

Can’t be there in person? Organize a small action in your workplace with your coworkers! Wear $15 & Fairness buttons or stickers to work, take group selfies and share on social media, do a group call-in to Ford's office (416-325-1941) and email your MPPs (visit, or take a collective break at 15h (3pm). Email us to let us know how you plan to support the day of action so we can spread the word! [email protected]

The Fight for $15 & Fairness, with the support of the OFL, is planning emergency response actions across the province for THE DAY AFTER any legislation is introduced. In Ottawa, we will be rallying outside the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce to put pressure on the corporate interests driving this attack. It’s important that the government and their business allies feel immediate blowback if they dare touch Bill 148.

When: THE DAY AFTER legislation is introduced, NOON to 1pm
Where: Ottawa Chamber of Commerce, 328 Somerset Street West
What: A rally to denounce the Chamber's attacks on workers. Bring signs, noisemakers, and join us in talking to passersby about why we need to defend Bill 148.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter (@fairwagesnow), visit, and stay tuned for an email announcement the moment we get news about any attack on Bill 148.

October 15, 2018 at 4pm - 6pm
Rideau Street at Nelson
363 Rideau St
Ottawa, ON K1N 5Y6
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Will you come?